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Chakras and
Art of Psychical Self-Regulation

Lecture by Dr.Vladimir Antonov
Translated by Dr.Mikhail Nikolenko

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The only way of mastering the art of psychical self-regulation is to gain control over the functions of the chakras.

… In total there are seven chakras. Every one of us has them — in the head, in the neck, in the trunk.

Every chakra is responsible, among other things, for supplying with bioenergies those organs of the body which belong to the sphere of influence of that particular chakra. If the chakra is contaminated with coarse energies, this may result in chronic diseases of the corresponding organs. By cleansing the chakra with the help of the methods described in the book Ecopsychology, one can cure such illnesses.

But the more important point is that every chakra participates in producing certain psychic states...

Duration: 20 min.

This is an excerpt from the film Psychical Self-Regulation (one can download it for free or buy on DVD).