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The Religion of Unity


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Karma — the Law of Destiny Formation

Lecture by Dr.Vladimir Antonov
Translated by Dr.Mikhail Nikolenko

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There is an opinion that our suffering and calamities are caused by the sin committed by Adam and Eve… This ill fantasy is even called by a special term — the original sin… I suggest viewing this opinion as a sign of feeblemindedness of those who believe it, say nothing of those who preach this idea…

Some people blame doctors for diseases, blame the contamination of the environment — or blame others — those who made me feel stressed or be nervous…

No, it is only we who are to be blamed for our troubles!

It is hard to understand this for those who are ignorant in religious philosophy! But the truth is that these problems are caused by God, Who loves us and through them points out our inadequacy to us: the inadequacy to what He wants us to be!...

Duration: 8 min.

This is an excerpt from the film Art of Being Happy (one can download it for free or buy on DVD).